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located at 609 trent drive in the historic wild bull's pizza building, MoBo is home to two artists: joe galas and dianne freund. we host a variety of events: these are usually updated on our FB page. We are happy to share our space with others who wish to host their own events, public or private: see info below and please contact us for this. on FB: address below.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Did someone say Wood and Soda Firing, Cone 6?

two sculptures (Joe Galas/Dianne Freund) excited to be going in the fire

Dianne Freund, Liz Paley, Rob DeKroon and Friends will be firing this weekend at Cedar Creek.
Wood and Soda, Cone six.
Some say this type of firing is better than sex, or chocolate. We haven't sworn off of any of that, but we sure do like it!
Wadding and loading Sat, 10 AM- we're done (five PM? we hope)
Firing Sunday, 8 am until we're done.
Unloading and Cleaning: TBA.

It's our first cone six (we've been firing at ten.) So we anticipate many surprises. You are invited to visit: most welcome to bring food and/or libation to share (though the kiln stokers must remain sober!)

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  1. Cedar Creek Gallery in Creedmoor, NC, is where we'll be. It's a fun gallery on lovely grounds.